Biomedical Signal and Image Computing Laboratory

Multimodal Assessment of the Functional Organization in the Human Brain


A. Burak Yoldemir (Grad Student)
BiSICL, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC

Rafeef Abugharbieh (Principal Investigator)
BiSICL, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC

Bernard Ng (Collaborator)
Parietal Team, INRIA Saclay


diffusion MRI (dMRI), functional MRI (fMRI), brain activation, connectivity, multimodal fusion, tractography


Although it is now well established that brain fiber pathways serve as the physical substrate for functional interactions, this information is rarely exploited in current fMRI studies. In this project, we investigate the implications of fusing information regarding brain structure and brain activity in the presence and absence of explicit input. This multimodal approach enables us to analyze how the brain responds to stimuli around its baseline and to regularize the analyses of functional brain dynamics using structural connectivity information. The methods we develop ultimately serve to enhance our general understanding of the human brain organization by shedding light on the structure-function relationship in the brain.


Auditory (left) and primary visual (right) networks detected in a resting state fMRI analysis and the fiber pathways pertaining to these networks

Selected Publications

  • B. Yoldemir, B. Ng, R. Abugharbieh, “Effects of Tractography Approach on Consistency Between Anatomical and Functional Connectivity Estimates”. IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Beijing-China, April 2014. [PDF]
  • B. Yoldemir, B. Ng, T. Woodward, R. Abugharbieh, “Fiber Connectivity Integrated Brain Activation Detection”. International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI), to appear July 2013. [PDF]
  • B. Yoldemir, B. Ng, R. Abugharbieh. “Deconfounding the Effects of Resting State Activity on Task Activation Detection in fMRI”. MICCAI workshop on Multimodal Brain Image Analysis (MBIA), Nice-France, Oct 2012, pp. 51-60 [PDF]

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