Biomedical Signal and Image Computing Laboratory

Notice from lab director

Please read the following guidelines and follow them carefully when requesting any type of letter from me.

General Information (for all letter requests)

Due to the frequent requests I receive for providing various types of letters, and in order to ensure that I can help with such requests and in a timely manner, the guidelines below must be followed for each letter request:

  • A request should be initiated through email at least 3 weeks prior to the deadline.
  • All information should be sent in one single email inclusive of all applicable attachments.
  • Any forms that require pre-filling should be filled prior to sending the request and emailed within the single request email, e.g. fill in any required student information, addresses, professor's name and contact information etc.
  • Short but clear summary of the following information must be provided:
    • Description of the purpose of the letter inclusive of all relevant details e.g. specify if this is for a job application, a scholarship application etc. Further, scholarship information such as the type/name/acronym and the duration of program for which one is applying etc must also be specified.
    • A copy of your proposal if that is part of an application package (otherwise I cannot check the box certifying that I have read your proposal).
    • Any applicable constraints regarding the format or length of the requested letter.
    • Complete name and address of the letter's recipient(s).
    • Complete name and address of the person requesting the letter.
    • Specification of the exact format needed for sending the letter (mailed hardcopy, sealed envelope, email etc).
    • Deadline for sending the letter (again please note the minimum notification period I need as listed above).
  • All other information as detailed below depending on the purpose of the letter.

Please insure that all the above info is given in bullet format with the specified headings clearly listed in your request email.

Additional Guidelines

In addition to the information requires as per the general guidelines above, further details must be included as specified below depending on the exact purpose of the letter:

  • Certification letters: For official letters of non-confidential nature, e.g. for visa/work permit purposes, the request should include a draft document with the text needed inclusive of dates, RA details (if applicable).
  • Reference letters for my graduate students: Students who are currently studying or have graduated under my supervision should include the following details:
    • Complete CV.
    • Draft document (doc format only) with:
      • Summary of work experience with me (e.g. year student joined/graduated from my group), position/degree etc.
      • A bulleted list of accomplishments which are deemed important to highlight for the specific letter requested.
      • Keywords/highlights of the specific topics judged as useful for discussion within the letter.
  • Reference letters for students who took one of my courses: Unless a student worked with me on a practical or a research project, I will not be able to write a detailed letter of reference. To clarify, if a student has only attended one of my classes, I can only provide him/her with a letter commenting on their performance in that class. I, however, highly recommend that in such cases, students should try and request letters from professors/people with whom they have worked more closely e.g. on projects etc which will ensure the effectiveness of the reference letter provided.

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